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The west coast offers the most sheltered conditions, while sharks and whales are often sighted off the wind buffeted east coast. Both the NRF and the Retail Industry Leaders Association launched password protected national crime databases online, which let retailers share information about thefts to detect whether they been a target of organized crime. That’s no aquarium out there. Adds: really makes sense.Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Our research team tracked consumer goods sector and followed major companies in the Textile Apparel Clothing industry such as Quiksilver Inc. Both reports could signal how much longer the Federal Reserve will keep up its $85 billion a month in bond purchases. ”I’d love to say that I’m going to get in shape for it, but the most I’ll probably do is skip breakfast,” Franz, who plays Detective Andy Sipowicz on the hit TV series, told TV Guide. Abercrombie Fitch stores need a facelift and the operation should begin with the removal of CEO Mike Jeffries,Ralph Lauren Online Store an investor says.The 69 year old retail exec whose face has sparked endless speculation about plastic surgery, even as he has openly discriminated against the overweight in his stores has lost touch completely with what kids want to wear, an activist investor charged Tuesday.Recent conversations with Abercrombie’s board, meanwhile, have “confirmed” that the retailer hasn’t identified a succession plan for its blond, blow dried and washed up CEO, according to Glenn Welling, managing director at Engaged Capital, in a letter to Abercrombie’s board.That’s despite the fact that Jeffries’ employment contract is up for renewal Feb.